Laroche Collection of Fine Solids & Spray Perfumes - Essence of Paradise

The Laroche Collection of fine solids and spray perfumes provides a beautiful and canning display and selection of the some of the most sought after scents from every corner of the world. From ambergris solids to ambergris sprays this collection caters to the senses in a robust manner. Some of the great selection of perfumes you can find in the marvelous Laroche Collection are Dhen Al Oudh / Agarwood Mukhallat, Ambergris, Musk, Musk Oils, floral scents, fruity scents, woody scents, ambergris scents and many others that will heighten the sense with soft yet complex compounds of elixirs that please the mind and opens endless possibilities. Enchanting French Arabian and Oriental Perfumes, composed with Oudh, pure Musk, Ambergris oil, Bakhoor and rare Blossoms is what Laroche set out to accomplish and so he has in such a charming and delightful way that's euphoric just by a single touch. Laroche makes his collection available across the world, from France to United Kingdom, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United States, Japan and Kuwait.

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